Testing gRPC #2: How to unit test a gRPC server

11 minute read

How is a service method implemented, What is the basic anatomy of a server unit test, grasp GrpcCleanupRule, InProcessServer and InProcessChannel. Let’s go ⚡

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How WhatsApp tests software?

10 minute read

How do engineering teams at Meta enable Quality for an app with a 2B+ monthly active users

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How I got “that” job at Meta

21 minute read

I recently switched to Meta London as a Software Engineer. This post talks about my interview experience and journey, how I prepared and resources for these ...

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Who the heck is an SDET? 😕

9 minute read

Software development engineer in Test is a popular role/title in Testing space. In this post I share my thoughts on what this role means and some of the skil...

10 years of Software Testing and Automation

30 minute read

I started my career as a professional Software tester and Automation engineer 10 years ago on this very day. This post is me reflecting on how this decade we...

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Migrated away from Wordpress

8 minute read

How i moved away from Wordpress and into the world of static site generators with Jekyll and Github pages

Writing clear bug reports

7 minute read

Writing clear and concise bug reports can greatly reduce the back and forth between different engineering stakeholders. We discuss on what makes a good bug r...

How to work with redis for test automation

3 minute read

Redis is a powerful in-memory data store that could be used for a variety of test automation use cases. In this post, we setup a redis server on an ubuntu VM...

Why automate tests early

8 minute read

A post on why test automation early and in parallel to the development cycle can help you scale faster and give better and quickly repeatable confidence over...

Mobile app testing checklist

5 minute read

A testers brain requires a lot of creativity and the no of scenarios that we test on a day to day basis are innumerable. Expecting the brain to remember all ...

The problem with titles for testers

4 minute read

An opinionated post on Why focussing on titles is an anti-pattern that should stop in the Testing world and how much better the industry if we all focussed a...

Understanding reporting and logging in TestNG

less than 1 minute read

TestNG is a popular test framework that needs no introduction in the JVM (Java virtual machine) ecosystem and can be used for automating your tests regardles...

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Advice from a test journeyman

8 minute read

In this post, I want to share some of my mental models as a test journeyman with the hope that it gives some insight to people who are a bit new to the field...

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Testing: First principles

4 minute read

What are some of the first principles of testing that every tester/engineer should know of

Remembering GIT commands

less than 1 minute read

GIT is one of the most popular SCM tools being used these days, and even though there are lot of UI interfaces to it (Source tree, GIT extensions etc), It re...

Duck Typing in python

less than 1 minute read

Understand what duck typing in python means with an example

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