Gaurav Singh

Hello there.

I’m Gaurav Singh. I live in Bangalore, India with my wife and with my other love, Computers what else? I am a self-proclaimed geek. My first PC was an Intel 80386 running Windows 3.1 and the earliest programming language I remember working with was BASIC.

Over the years, I have been testing and automating a lot of Web apps, API’s and Mobile Apps (Android/IOS) in different domains.

I consider myself a reasonably experienced tester and have spent a significant amount of time writing automation frameworks and utilities in Python and Java and now more recently in Kotlin.

My work and experience have made me quite opinionated on how testing should happen and I do NOT believe a tester is a sole person responsible for Quality but rather in a whole team testing approach.

My general motto in life is to Have strong opinions weakly held and thus healthy debate and discussion are very valuable to me. That is how we all grow and learn IMHO.

I also consider myself to be a reasonable person overall and am always keen to listen and understand all viewpoints for something under discussion before coming to my own conclusions.

Why do you blog

My reasons are mostly selfish. I needed a repository of solutions to common problems in test automation/programming and also a way to keep track of my journey through the world of Software engineering and testing.

This blog is a way for me to hold on to all these experiences and sort of leave a trail of breadcrumbs which I could go back and refer.

To me, testing is a wholistic field in itself with its own set of nuances and this blog is a way for me express it to the larger community. Hopefully, this is useful, relevant or interesting to other people as well.

How can I contact you

Please feel free to drop in your thoughts via any of the below channels:

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