I try to regularly share my knowledge with the test and automation community over at conference talks and will include links to the talk videos and slides wherever I can. Enjoy! Also in case you have feedback on any of these, do reach out.

Also, I have recently switched to using markdown and static site generators for all conference slides. You can view all of them on https://automationhacks.io/slides/


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How to build an automation framework with selenium: patterns and practices

Selenium Conference | Bengaluru | September 11 2020 | Proposal | slides

Contract testing: Beyond Functional API tests

Automation Guild 2020 | Online | When: Feb 3-5 2020 | Slides | GitHub code | Video

You will have to purchase the Automation guild 2020 conference ticket to access this talk and a bunch of other ones as well.


How to kill test flake in Appium

Appium Conf, Bengaluru 2019 | When: June 13-15, 2019 | Proposal | Slides | Video