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Setup for iOS 📱

Step 1: Install XCode Select

xcode-select --install

Step 2: Install carthage

  • Allows to add frameworks to Cocoa applications
  • Allows to build dependencies
brew install carthage

Step 3: Install libimobiledevice

  • A library to communicate with services on iOS devices using native protocols.
brew install libimobiledevice

Step 4: Install ios-deploy

  • Install and debug iOS apps from the command line
brew install ios-deploy

Step 5: Install ios-webkit-debug-proxy

  • ios_webkit_debug_proxy (aka iwdp) proxies requests from usbmuxd daemon over a websocket connection
  • Allows developers to send commands to MobileSafari and UIWebViews on real and simulated iOS devices.
brew install ios-webkit-debug-proxy

Step 6: Optional iOS dependencies

IDB (iOS Device bridge)


brew tap facebook/fb
brew install idb-companion
pip3.6 install fb-idb