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Choosing a language ✏️

Available choices

  • Statically typed: Java, Kotlin, C#, TypeScript
  • Compile time feedback. Yay! 🙌
  • Dynamically typed: Python, JS, Ruby
  • Flexible and quick to author tests (🤞 Without types 😄)

How to decide 🤔

  • Try to choose a language that devs also use

    Quality should be the whole team's responsibility

  • Easy to learn and to find skilled people in
  • Undergoing active development and has a thriving community
  • Well defined ecosystem of tools/libraries

Can't really go wrong with 👍

  • Python 🐍
  • Java 🍵/Kotlin
  • JS
  • Ruby

🤫 Selenium/Appium has client bindings for above